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At Jaxy Optical Instruments, we take pride in our commitment to quality and safety. Our solar observation

Solar Wonders Unleashed with Jaxy Optical Instruments!

“Our products are the best because we prioritize safety, using premium materials and meeting the highest standards. With Jaxy Optical Instruments, you can trust that your solar observation experience will be safe and exceptional.

Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Our products are better because we blend innovation, sustainability, and reliability. Discover the Jaxy Optical Instruments difference and elevate your solar observation game!


Solar eclipse glasses

Our solar eclipse glasses provide unbeatable protection, clarity, and comfort, ensuring safe and unforgettable solar viewing experiences with Jaxy Optical Instruments.


Plastic Solar glases

Our plastic solar eclipse glasses provide reliable protection, clear views, and comfortable fit for safe and enjoyable solar observation


Solar Filter

Our solar filters offer reliable protection, precise viewing, and compatibility with various observation tools for unparalleled solar exploration

Jaxy Optical Instruments’ solar filters are a game-changer for my solar observation pursuits. The reliable protection, precise viewing, and compatibility with my telescope make them a must-have. Trusted safety and ISO certification seal the deal!
Mia Janne

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